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MAPILab Toolbox

MAPILab Toolbox 3.3

A set of 18 different add-ins for Microsoft Outlook for the price of one!
MAPILab Ltd.
MAPILab Ltd.

MAPILab Toolbox menu in the Tools menu of Microsoft Outlook
MAPILab Toolbox menu in the Tools menu of Microsoft Outlook

MAPILab Toolbox is a set of 18 different Microsoft Outlook add-ins for the price of one! You can use all or only necessary add-ins from the list, and we are sure that everyone will find this tool useful and irreplaceable. Moreover: all the MAPILab Toolbox updates are free of charge for a year, so you will get all additional components which will be released within a year for free!

MAPILab Toolbox components:

  1. File Fetch

    With File fetch you can receive any file from your computer to your e-mail! In complete safety: you can limit the folder list from which you can take files, to specify the file list to be sent on your request, set a password on the file request and set a password to the archive holding the file being sent. Even if somebody finds out how to request the file he/she won't be able to access it from the sent archive! Do you often get phone calls with a request to send you a price list? Now you can reply: "send me an e-mail with the words "price list" as the subject and my computer will immediately send me this latest copy at any time of the day".

  2. File Send Automatically

    As soon as you change the price list do you have to send it to all your partners? This Outlook plug-in will do it for you automatically: it will "keep an eye" on the specified files and as soon as they get changed will send them itself. You will have time to correct a mistake: you can ask it to wait a few seconds or even hours after the file has been changed before carrying out its task - thus, you will have time to correct the document. And it is not necessary for you to remember whether you have sent it or not!

  3. Attachments Forget

    This small Outlook plug-in will ask you whether you have forgotten to attach the promised file, in case it doesn't see any attachment in a message containing a phrase similar to "see the attachment".

  4. Attachment Options

    Have you ever faced the situation where Microsoft Outlook blocks an attachment considering it insecure? This Outlook plug-in will allow you to specify the types of attachments that should be treated as secure or insecure.

  5. E-mail Scheduler

    Do you have to send identical messages again and again (say, every Friday)? This Outlook plug-in will do it for you! You can attach files to the message as well as specify the paths where the attached files to be can be found so the process can be almost fully automated. Do you have to send new documents to the central archive every evening? No problem!

  6. Task E-mail Scheduler

    An alternative variant of previous plug-in. You can create a task, attach a message to it and specify a key word. The message attached to the task will be sent when the task is activated.

  7. E-mail Reminder

    Are you out of the office on a regular basis? This Outlook plug-in will resend your reminders about meetings and tasks to your pager, cell phone or PDA using e-mail! Practically all cell operators have a channel between e-mail and SMS that is why this plug-in is compatible with any mobile device!

  8. Batched Mail

    This is a unique Microsoft Outook plug-in! If your provider limits the number of messages you send this plug-in is for you! Now you can specify the maximum number of messages to be sent during an hour. If there are a lot of messages waiting for their turn to be sent in your Outbox you can specify the plug-in to send the messages marked with high importance out of turn.

  9. Contacts Journaling

    Did you know that you can enable journaling for a contact? Enabling you to trace the correspondence with this person. But for some reason you can do it in Microsoft Outlook only for each contact individually and only in the main Contacts folder! We have corrected this odd situation: now you can enable journaling for all contacts in all folders at once.

  10. Mailing List Services

    Do you need to take all the addresses of the people who wrote to you about a particular error and send them a universal answer? No doubt you extracted the senders' addresses from their messages one by one. But only if you don’t have ‘Mailing List Services’! It can store chosen addresses in files of various formats, add them to your address book, contacts or mailing list. The address source can be messages, contacts as well as files on disk.

  11. Message AutoFill

    Do you always have to send a message copy to your boss if you answer a message in the folder named "very important"? Or do you always have to use a certain account if you send a message located in the "My Yahoo mail" folder? All this and a lot more will help you to automate Message AutoFill.

  12. Hide Fax Numbers

    If you store phone and fax numbers in your contact folders it may become difficult with time to find a contact when you create a new message. Our Outlook plug-in allows the hiding of fax numbers from the contact details list to make choosing the contact you need easier and to help avoid sending the message to a fax instead of an e-mail.

  13. Subscription Manager

    Provide your respondents with an opportunity to manage their subscription to your mailing lists on their own! Your respondents can include and remove themselves from mailing lists in your contacts folder all by sending an e-mail with a special command in the subject line. In many cases it's much more convenient than using subscription management scripts on a web site or using services like Yahoo Groups.

  14. vCard Converter

    If you need to save your data in the vCard format or to update your contacts using the data in the vCard format, vCard Converter is created to help you. It will allow you to import any files in the vCard format (.vcf files) as well as to save vCard data from the contacts, from messages into the contacts or files in the vCard format.

  15. Find and Replace

    This component is used for searching and replacing data in the folders of Microsoft Outlook. With the help of this Outlook plug-in you can perform grouped data replacement of contacts, messages, tasks, notes, reminders and Journal entries.

  16. Email Redirect

    This component gives you the possibility to redirect messages rather than forward them. A new recipient will see the message exactly like you see it and will be able to answer this message using standard "Reply" without changing the recipient's email.

  17. Reminders Assistant

    This component enhances the functionality of the standard reminder system of Microsoft Outlook and gives you a possibility to set reminders for each and every folder including embedded ones.

  18. Send If Approved

    This component gives you a possibility to control outgoing messages and send them only after approval. This component is simply indispensable when training new employees, whose competence is to deal with clients via e-mail.

Technical requirements and compatibility of the MAPILab Toolbox:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002/XP;
  • Microsoft Office 365 with desktop Outlook version;
  • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP.

Supported languages:

  • English;
  • Russian;
  • German.

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