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Outlook Attachments Security Manager

Outlook Attachments Security Manager

Define which attached files should be considered as "dangerous" for their further blocking, and which "secure" for granting access to them.

Outlook Attachments Security Manager allows you to define which attached files should be considered as "dangerous" for their further blocking, and which "secure" for granting access to them.

If you often send various attachments by e-mail, you have come across the situation when Microsoft Outlook completely blocks access to potentially insecure types of files (e.g., to *.exe, etc.), even though you are absolutely sure about their safety. With the help of this Outlook add-in you can specify which file types are regarded dangerous and which ones - safe. You can permit access to the previously blocked file types, or fully prohibit access to the file types selected by you. If you are not sure about the safety of this operation, you can switch on the blocking of these file immediately after saving the required file.

Outlook Attachments Security Manager enables you to:

  • work with attached files of insecure types;
  • manage access to different file types.

ATTENTION! All files that come with the emails must be checked before opening as they might contain viruses!

Outlook Attachments Security Manager is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2002/XP, 2003, 2007
  • Microsoft Windows 98/Me - Vista.

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