The Hotmail Outlook Connection

Mar 04, 2008

Youre here to make the Hotmail Outlook connection. Hotmail email (now part of the Windows Live brand) is a web-based mail service from Microsoft (click here to open a new window for more Hotmail information ). Because it uses the HTTP protocol instead of POP3 like most other online mail services, there are some real benefits to making this connection.

Specifically, you can create folders on the Hotmail server to manage and store your messages there. When you connect Outlook to Hotmail, these folders are automatically replicated in Outlook. Any changes you make to these folders and the messages in them automatically get synchronized when Outlook next connects.

For example, if you create a new Hotmail folder on the server (using the normal Hotmail web interface), that new folder will appear in Outlook the next time Outlook connects to the Hotmail server. Similarly, if you do something to a Hotmail folder or a message in a Hotmail folder using Outlook, that change gets synchronized to the Hotmail server the next time Outlook connects.

Hotmail folders appear in Outlook.

Theres a free version of Hotmail, as well as two versions that charge a fee. Only the versions that charge a fee allow you to connect to the account with Outlook, or any other mail client.

NOTE: Outlook 2003 is the first version of Outlook to work with Hotmail. If you have an earlier version. you will not be able to make the Hotmail Outlook connection no matter what.

Fortunately, the fee for Hotmail Plus (the less expensive of the two fee plans) is only $19.95/yr, which isnt outrageous.

Heres what you need to do to get Hotmail and Outlook working together:



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