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Outlook 2000 Personal Folder hides my crusial important data!?

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Outlook 2000 Personal Folder hides my crusial important data!? [message #127472] Wed, 21 February 2007 16:04
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The newest "Personal Folder" which Outlook 2000 created yesterday does not
contain my most valuable information from last year!

Neither do I have any .pst copy of files created at that time period.

I lost contact with those files, while Outlook refused to open yesterday and
instead proposed to create a new "Personal Folder" instead.

That was a crusial moment!

The new "Personal Folder" does not contain any of the most valuable data in
it! And there is no backup or else .pst file to be found.

How do I manage to open my previous "Personal Folder" where I suppose those
vanished file could/ should be?

When I try to open it, I get a message:

"unable to open the database"
"unable to ope the group of folders"
"unable to extract the folder"

This is my own translated version from the message that in original is in
Finnish language.
My best try for a correct translation of those three sentences:

In finnish: " Kansion laajentaminen ei onnistu. Kansiojoukon avaaminen ei
onnistu. Tietosäilön avaaminen ei onnistu. "

I wonder, where is all that data that has been created last year?

There should be some .pst file anyway somwhere?

Althougt I have not remembered to create a backup while working so
intensively with my studies.

I searched for all *.pst files and then imported them into my Outlook 2000,
but I did not find among them the critical missing tasks data which I have
created last year.

I do appreciate so much any help, that would alloud me to get touched with
my deperately needed data.

I am a university student and I had the most of my notes for my final
dibloma work in those files..

My warmest Thank in case You would figure out any ideas to help me with this!

Most thankfully,


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