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No "View Source" in Outlook 2003

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No "View Source" in Outlook 2003 [message #83860] Tue, 14 November 2006 07:04
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I've dragged 2 emails from Outlook 2000 onto flash memory. One of them
contains HTML code, which shows up as raw code on Outlook 2000. I
then brought the flash stick to an XP machine running outlook 2003.
When I doubleclick to open the emails. On the email containing HTML
code, it still looks like a dog's breakfast. However, there is a
view-source option from the context menu. The email that doesn't look
like raw HTML does not have a view-source option.

I drag the 2 emails into Outlook 2003. The message containing HTML no
longer looks like raw HTML, it is properly interpretting the HTML and
presenting the content with all the nice formatting. However, I no
longer have view-source option in either emails. I tried the context
menu from the header list, the preview pane, and in the messages
themselves after opening them. Prior to dragging them into Outlook
2003, I also implemented the registry change at

Is there any way to view source (preferably for both types of messages)
once messages have entered Outlook? I mean the raw source, such as all
the email headers, as well as raw HTML code. It seems not, but it is
also puzzling that view-source is partially available before dragging
an HTML message in Outlook 2003 (albeit without message headers, and
even though it is still Outlook 2003 that is being used to open it).
What an odd limitation in functionality...
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